About Beroud Consulting

At Beroud Consulting, our mission is to equip our clients with the best tools for success. We do this by acting as a ‘critical friend’ and ‘thinking partner’, providing unbiased but supportive advice to both commercial and not-for-profit organisations in order to transform their performance.


Our services include:

  • Senior advisory to Board members and trustees
  • Strategy elaboration, business planning and delivery
  • Risk management and credit rating advisory
  • Made-to-measure grading and severity tools
  • Covenant assessment for pension fund trustees
  • Corporate governance advisory
  • Executive coaching
  • Executive presence and personal branding
  • Credit training
  • Lecturing
  • Facilitation of stakeholder meetings.

Who we are

We are a husband and wife team, each with our own strengths and skillsets, with between us over 50 years of experience acquired in organisations as diverse as start-ups, SMEs, large corporates, multinationals and not-for-profits. We work internationally across companies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the US and Asia.


We started Beroud Consulting because we are good at building trust and solving problems, and we love to take on fresh challenges. We use and deploy a variety of skills, techniques and tools that are just as effective in a commercial or not-for-profit environment. The partners we work with are trusted experts in their respective fields and share our business ethos and values.

Olivier Beroud

Olivier Beroud

Olivier is a senior executive with expertise in pension covenant evaluation, risk management, Commercial and P&L leadership experience, and capability building skills, developed in leadership roles in ratings agencies and international banks, and as an advisor to a multinational corporation. Olivier led Moody’s EMEA business; he was a member of the main EU board and of the boards of subsidiaries in Israel, Russia and South Africa.


Olivier offers his ratings expertise, management experience and knowledge of global markets to enable ambitious businesses to achieve their potential. He lectures and develops training packages on Financial Analysis, Credit Risk and Corporate Governance for MSc and MBA programmes as well as financial institutions.


Olivier’s specialties are Board Governance; Financial Strategy; Risk Management; Pension Covenant Assessment; Ratings Advisory; Grading Systems and Solutions; Executive Coaching; Capability Building; Lecturing and Training.


Olivier is a keen supporter of the arts, is Vice-Chair of Stratford Arts Trust in London, and sits on the board of the Bartkowski Dance School in France. His favourite Nespresso capsules are Ristretto and Roma.


Top 5 strength themes:

Individualisation I Input I Positivity I Woo I Arranger

“Olivier is a Visiting Professor at LIBF, it is a privilege to work closely with him. He has shown great leadership on a major programme we have been delivering in Tunisia. This is a complex project with multiple stakeholders and involves both UK and Tunisian governments. Throughout the project he has demonstrated his excellent relationship skills together with an ability to problem solve and deal sensitively with any issues that have arisen. He combines this with a passion for teaching and learning, that truly engages his audience on a wide range of topics.”

Alastair Tyler
International Director, London Institute of Banking & Finance

“Olivier’s experience, commitment and business acumen helped to galvanise Stratford Arts Trust at a critical time on its journey into independence. His contribution both inspired and challenged the executive team and his strategic input in finance and fundraising demonstrated just what it means to be a Board member in a 21st Century arts charity in the UK. I was and remain deeply proud of what we achieved.”

Clare Connor (former CEO Stratford Arts Trust)
Director of Business Development, Southbank Centre

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Elizabeth Beroud

Elizabeth is a business advisor and strengths coach with a proven ability to drive revenue growth, build brand equity and deliver performance transformation at a personal and organisational level.  She supports the growth of ambitious leaders and organisations in the UK and France by working with them to develop and harness their talents and strengths. She offers her clients strategic insight, operational leadership experience and marketing expertise, which she acquired in Strategy, Sales Development and Marketing roles at Royal Mail, at a leading Independent School, and as an advisor to French brands wishing to enter the UK.


Elizabeth’s specialties are Strengths-Based Coaching (Gallup certified) for individuals and teams; Strategy and Planning; Marketing and Communication; Customer Experience and Engagement; Employee Engagement and Sales Development. Her favourite Nespresso capsules are Roma and Colombia.


Elizabeth has a keen interest in education and the arts; she is a trustee of EDHEC UK Charitable Trust (higher education) and marketing advisor to the DSM Foundation (youth drugs prevention).


Top 5 strength themes:

Strategic I Ideation I Input I Learner I Achiever

“I strongly recommend the team coaching provided by Beroud Consulting, particularly for start-ups when you need to bring the team together as fast as possible. We all very much enjoyed our individual sessions as well as the team event. It was indeed great to see everyone coming together throughout the day, whilst learning about each other. For start-ups, this team coaching exercise is phenomenal!”

Founder (Fintech) and Entrepreneur

“Elizabeth combines a highly strategic and incisive mind with a creative flair and a remarkable capacity for hard work that has transformed the professionalism, quality and subsequent impact of our marketing.”

Mark Bishop, Headmaster of Trinity School

“Elizabeth was able to create the right relationship for our workshops to be fruitful. She is able both to embrace chaos and to bring order thanks to her sound business knowledge, grounded in reality. Elizabeth takes you on a journey that goes to the end of the world and back in a creative process of expansion and contraction. But she takes care of you on the way!”

Wendy Thomas, Founder of Soft Culture and THOMAS DAILY

Read more about Elizabeth:

Our services


We use strengths-based coaching to help our clients understand their talents at a deep personal level and harness them in order to achieve their professional goals. We provide managers with tools to build a strengths profile of their team and its members, then use these strengths to address the challenges they face and become more effective. We support women through individual and/or group coaching to help them fulfil their professional ambitions.


We bring you the following services:

  • Individual coaching for managers and senior executives
  • Team coaching
  • Coaching for women
  • Executive presence and personal branding


We know that understanding the financial position of your organisation, and in particular its credit worthiness, whether as a Board member or Pensions Trustee, is crucial to your defining the optimum strategy and steering the right course.


We help you achieve your business goals by offering you the following services:

  • Senior Advisor, Board Member and Trustee
  • Risk Management, Credit Ratings Advisory Services
  • Covenant Assessment Service for Pension Fund Trustees
  • Corporate Governance Advisory
  • Executive Coaching
  • Credit Training
  • Lecturing


We understand that your business needs to acquire, grow and retain customers in an ever more competitive market. As a ‘critical friend’ to your business, we can help you to:

  • focus on your customers and their needs
  • deliver a top class customer experience
  • build an engaged workforce
  • unlock your organisation’s potential for growth

We bring you the following services:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Customer Experience and Engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Sales Development
  • Business Coaching
  • Facilitation


We work with your leadership team to define a vision and strategy that will take your charity to the next stage of its development. We can help your charitable project or social enterprise to access all-important funding by making your project investment ready. We work with you to establish appropriate commercial disciplines and risk policies to enable your organisation to thrive and fulfill its charitable or social purpose. We help you to develop, motivate and retain key staff and volunteers through strengths-based coaching.


We bring you the following services:

  • Project or business plan review
  • Establish and implement KPIs for Boards
  • Review of your customer experience
  • Review of your marketing strategy
  • Review of your finance planning and reporting
  • Coaching of your key staff and volunteers

Our clients

Our values

We pride ourselves on our values and work with people who share them.

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